Kat Von D Beatuy Saint & Sinner Palette

Hey everyone, I am back with some awesome inspiration!!! I have just received the new Kat Von D Saint & Sinner palette part of her Holiday 2017 collection. Other items in the collection include an everlasting lip liner trio ($39) and everlasting mini liquid lipstick (8 shades for $49) both are currently available at Kat Von D Beauty

Today though, I received the Saint and Sinner eyeshadow palette ($62 from Sephora). The pallete of 24 new, never before seen shadows (though to be honest ‘Sabbath’ looks exactly and feels exactly like all her other matte jet black shadows).

As with all of Kat’s palettes, the packaging was hand designed and drawn by her, which is one of the reasons why I absolutly LOVE her packaging. You can tell by the details, that she puts a lot of love, hard work, and patience into designing one of a kind items.

Check out the pictures below!!


Isn’t it beautiful?! So more detail about the shadows:

Saint side reminds me of color toned, dreamy shadows where as the sinner side is more bright and colorful, not something you would associate a ‘sinner’ to be. The shadows contain a mix of shimmers, glitters, glimmer, and of course matte shades. Each shadow was a total weight of 1 g/0.04 oz per shadow.

The Saint shadows are described as such:

  • Absolution (ivory with gold super-glimmer)
  • Worship (pearlescent egglant)
  • Immaculate (pearlescent olive)
  • Chalice (metallic antique bronze)
  • Sacred Heart (pearlescent coral)
  • Amen (matte cream)
  • Sanctuary (pearlescent nude coffee)
  • Heaven (metallic silver)
  • Crucifix (matte deep chocolate)
  • Cathedral (gunmetal with silvery blue glitter)
  • Rosary (metallic garnet)
  • Baptism (matte pale pink)

Saint Swatches


The Sinner shadows are described as such:

  • Rapture (rosy pink with pink super-glimmer)
  • Sabbath (matte jet black)
  • Ashes (taupe with gold glitter)
  • Martyr (matte toffee brown)
  • Devil (matte pumpkin orange)
  • Revelation (brown with gold glitter)
  • Vestment (shimmery maroon with blue-green shift)
  • Ministry (metallic cobalt)
  • Exodus (chartreuse with gold glitter)
  • Exorcism (matte deep purple)
  • Relic (metallic fool’s gold)
  • Stigmata (metallic scarlet)

Sinner swatches



As you can see the colors are bright, vibrant, and look great! There are a few shadows I’d probably avoid (‘Amen’ and ‘Baptism’ only because they both look white on me) but other than that, I can see myself wearing all of these shadows.

My next post will be a couple of looks using the palette.

So what do you guys think? Will you pick up this Holiday 2017 item or pass? Let me in the comments below!!


Until next time,



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