Hi everyone, my name is Myschel (my-shell) and I am single mom living in Buffalo, NY. I am currently aspiring to become a full time makeup artist and to set up a makeup studio with an attached photographers studio where classes can be held and where makeup artists, hair dressers, and nail techs can come practice their craft with their models.

I got into makeup around 2011, when the relationship with my son’s father ended. I thank him daily for that and I also thank my son for helping me discover my true passion for makeup.

My goal is to publish at least once a week and working up to 2-3 times a week. Also I hope to add video tutorials to these reviews.

**Disclaimer: I do work at Sephora so some of the products that I may review were given to me from the company through my job. But believe me if I like a product, I will buy more and I promise to always give my honest review.**



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