All about Skin! Routine Update

Hola mis amigos!!

Today I am going to talk about my new and improved, daily skin care routine. Yes, I have upgraded some of the products that I have used since my last skin care post.

Now this post will mainly talk about what I use every morning and every night. I will do a separate post of weekly use items, like masks and peels.


Morning Routine!


Three simple items is all that I use to prep my skin for the day. They are by far my favorite items and definitely will be repurchasing these when they run out.

First, I cleanse my skin with Son & Park Beauty Water ($30.00 USD, available at Sephora). I love this beauty water because it feels really good against the skin.

Key facts:

  • Can be used in the morning and evening.
  • Great for all skin types including sensitive.
  • Contains lavender water, rosewater, and orange extractt to hydrate the skin, while willow bark and papaya enzyme gently exfoliates the skin to removes dead skin cells to reveal brighter and smoother skin.

Second, after my skin has dried a bit, I go in with Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Serum ($37.00 USD, available at Sephora and Fresh stores), bit pricey but it does the job of keeping my face matte throughout the day. My face does get slightly oily but not oil slick status that I know it can get when I don’t use it at all.

Key facts:

  • Great for oily skin.
  • Doesn’t over dry the skin, it hydrates the skin.
  • Ginger root helps reduce the look of pores and control oil production. Meadowsweet extract controls the amount of excess sebum to help control oil and shine. Umbrian clay is the key ingredient that helps neutralize acidity while purifying and clarifying the complexion.

Finally, once the serum has absorbed into my skin, I use Ole Henriksen Vitamin Plus now known as Counter Balance Mattifying Moisture Crème ($40.00 USD, available at Sephora). I love this moisturizer, it mattifies but also hydrates the skin and works really well the Fresh mattifying serum.

Key facts:

  • Great for oily and combination skin types.
  • Mattifying moisturizer that also help minimize the look of pores while adding hydration.
  • Contains Oat Flour and sodium PCA to help mattify the skin and reduce the look for pores. Enriched with Aloe and Vitamins A, C, D, and E to deliver hydration to ‘keep oily complexions in balance for a healthy-looking, matte Ole Glow (TM)’
  • Noncomedogenic so it won’t clog pores.


Evening Routine!


Before I used tons of products but now I found a simple combination that helps me stay looking amazing!!

Quick note on cleansing: If I am wearing makeup, like a full face, I use It Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup 3in1 Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm (not pictured, $38.00 USD, available at Sephora and Ulta) first to remove the makeup and then follow-up with rest of my routine.

First, I cleanse with Skin Laundry Gentle Foaming Face Wash ($20.00 USD, available at Sephora) with the Foreo LUNA mini ($99.00 USD, available at Sephora). I love this cleanser, it truly is gentle on the skin and doesn’t dry it out compared to some of my other cleansers that I use. I also love my LUNA mini because pulsating vibrations really helps get deep into the pores and clean them out.

Key Facts:

  • Great for all skin types.
  • It doesn’t remove makeup, this would be considered to a step 2 to a double cleanse routine.
  • Contains chamomile extracts and soothing cucumber to calm and soothe, shea butter to leave the skin soft and supple.

Second, after my face is dry, I apply Algenist GENIUS Liquid Collagen ($115.00 USD, available at Sephora) as a pre-serum. Y’all this has changed my skin! Skin is smoother, clearer, and more even in terms of tone.

Key Facts:

  • Best used at night before applying any other serum.
  • Great for all skin types.
  • Vegan!!
  • Contains 13,000 microalgae oil beads that contained naturally sourced and sustainably produced, omegas 3, 6, and 9 and also a natural source of Vitamin E to leave the skin brighter, smoother and more youthful looking.

Third, once the liquid collagen has absorbed into the skin, I follow-up with Algenist POWER Recharged Night Pressed Serum ($95.00 USD, available at Sephora). Besides the liquid collagen, this is the only anti-aging serum that I use on nightly basis. Neat thing about this is that it’s a solid serum that melts into the skin instantly.

Key Facts:

  • Great for all skin types.
  • Solid serum to regenerate, smooth, and recharge the skin in as little as 10 days.
  • Great for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, uneven texture, and dryness.
  • Contains alguronic acid that is fortified by algaprotein and nutrient-rich coconut water.
  • Noncomedogenic, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and alcohol-free.

Lastly, to seal all those serums in, I use Herbivore Lapis Oil Balancing Facial Oil ($72.00 USD, available at Sephora). It smells really nice and isn’t to heavy on the skin, especially for it being an oil.

Key Facts:

  • Great for Normal, Oily, and Combination skin types.
  • Hydrates while improving visible redness and blemishes.
  • Won’t clog pores and helps reduce excess oil to find balance in the skin.
  • Contains Blue Tansy (how the oil got its color) to reduce redness without drying. Plant-based Squalane acts as a barrier to keep moisture in while protection skin from hyper-pigmentation. Kukui Nut Oil balance sebum and oil production in the oiler skin types with high levels of linoleic acid. Jojoba oil to moisturize.


Whooo!! That was a lot but this routine has been helping me over the past couple months and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Except that I plan on adding a day serum (Drunk Elephant C-Firma to precise) and Ole Henrikesne Truth Serum and Youth Activating oil because those two really are the truth, they help with acne scarring and discoloration and give an even skin tone.

Be on the look out for future skin care posts where I discuss my go to masks, peels, and scrubs!


Until next time!!

xoxo Myschel




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