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Life Update + FOTD

Hi everyone!

I know it has been a long while since my last post but I have been feeling uninspired among other things. Other things being related to

  • My main job closing in a few months and the rush to get everything finished and completed before time is up.
  • My son being completely just attached to me. Not that I don’t love it but it gets hard to take pictures (with my DSLR camera), type posts, and even work on my cosmetics brand without him just wanting to play. Therefore I am either up really late or just going to sleep out of exhaustion. (Though foods seems to occupy him so I was able to get out this post, barely lol)

I feel that in order to keep the blog somewhat active, I will start posting looks of the day randomly throughout the week since those will be way easier to do. Hopefully after the holiday season and work has slowed down a bit, I can work on more in-depth content, like I did before (I miss Lipstick Tuesday too!!)

Well with that said, thanks for those who stuck around, thanks to all the new and current followers, you guys are awesome!

So here is my Face of the Day


Primed my face with a combination of Becca ever matte poreless primer and Kat Von D beauty Lock-it primer.

After priming, I sprayed the Sephora Collection Perfection mist airbrush foundation (shade Deep) across my cheeks, forehead, and chin (be care to not get it in my hair). With a damp Beauty Blender, I applied Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It foundation (shade D81) with the perfection mist and blended it all over.

After the eyes were complete, I used L.A. Girl Pro Conceal – HD Concealer (shades toffee + fawn) blended out with my Beauty Blender to highlight (undereye, nose, chin, and forehead). Also with the slightly dampened Beauty Blender, I used Dermablend translucent powder to set all the highlighted areas. Then I used a velour puff with the translucent powder to lightly set my whole face.

Before I actually apply shimmer highlight and blush, I set my face using Make Up For Ever Mist + Fix Spray and patted my face down with the Beauty Blender again.

Applied NARS blush (Guoule) to cheeks. Diorskin nude shimmer brick to tops of cheeks, bridge of nose, chin, and between brows. Used Guerlain Terracotta bronzer (8 Ebony) to slightly contour the face.

To finish off my face I sprayed Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying Makeup Setting Spray all over the face. Let dry naturally.


From there I applied Smashbox photo finish 24 eyeshadow primer to my lids and used Benefit Cosmetics Goof-Proof brow pencil (shade 5) to slightly fill in my brows.

Everything used on the eyes except the mascara, lashes, and one liner are by Kat Von D Beauty

  • Shadows are from Star Studded eyeshadow book: Moz was used all over the eye as a base shade | Heaven Knows was applied to the inner 2/3 of the lid | Smiths was applied to the inner crease | Leather was applied to the outer crease, outside V area for depth. Also used Estrella + Starflyer on the bottom lash line to slightly smoke out the liners.
  • Top liner: Lightning Liner (Bach) | Ink liner (Nerdum)
  • Bottom liner: Autograph pencil liner (immortal love + puro amor) | Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Crayon (Navy Noir)
  • Lashes: Red Cherry lashes (#46 double stacked to make look thicker) | House of Lashes lash glue
  • Mascara: Make Up For Ever excessive lash mascara (Honestly I rarely use mascara when wearing false lashes but figured I’d try it this round. Didn’t totally dig the result.)


Burberry Burberry Kisses Hydrating Lip Colour (No. 85 – Sepia) topped with Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick (No. 59 – Melon D’Or)

All photos taken with iPhone 6 plus front cam in natural light.

And that’s it! Honestly, this face was pretty quick about 45 minutes (it was actually longer, but I am taking out the times my son kept asking for stuff!)


Let me know what you think in the comments below!!







Smudge & Smolder trend

Hey everyone! I’m back showcasing one of the four looks that is currently trending at Sephora

Rebel Eyes!!

First look that I chose is the smudge and smolder which pretty much is an intense smoky eye, lots of smudged out liner, I did a full eye with some color but focused on the liner as much as I could.

Here are the details:

  • Face
    • Giorgio Armani maestro foundation (11.5)
    • Smashbox liqud halo foundation (10)
    • Sephora collection colorful blush (flirt it up)
    • Sephora collection bright future gel serum concealer (16 pot-de-creme)
    • Kat Von D ‘medusa’ shadow as highlight
    • NARS bronzer (casino)
    • NARS concealer (amande)
  • Eyes
    • Kat Von D Serpentina palette shadows in ‘medusa’ ‘ankh’ ‘bloodmilk’ ‘scarab’ and loose pigment ‘prophet’
    • NARS eye paint (snake eyes)
    • Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof liner (perversion)
    • Make Up For Ever excessive lash mascara
  • Brows
    • Benefit cosmetics ka-brow creme (5)
  • Lips
    • Urban Decay vice lipstick (conspiracy)



Hope you guys like this look! Stay tuned to see looks featuring Chunky Glitter, Metallic Shades, and Chaotic Lashes!!


Until next time loves!!

xo Myschel



#LOTD: Berry in Love

Hey everyone I am back with another look featuring the new Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastaisa Beverly Hills and Lancôme Juicy Shakers lip gloss (there will be a future Lipstick Tuesday post about this one).


  • Esteè Lauder double wear foundation in Sandalwood (6W1)
  • NARS radiant creamy concealer in Amande + Caramel
  • NARS blush in Goulue
  • Guerlain terracotta bronzer in ebony (8)


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance palette shadows in ‘warm taupe’ ‘golden ochre’ ‘love letter’ ‘regalar’ ‘cyprus umber’ ‘Tempera’ ‘Vermeer’
  • Kat Von D Beauty tattoo liner ‘trooper’
  • Sephora Collection kohl liner in ‘deep brown’
  • Red Cherry Lashes in ‘227’


  • Lancôme Sourclis Tint – Longwear Eyebrow Pen Ultra-Precise in ‘Noir (04)’


  • Lancôme Juicy Shaker in ‘Berry in Love’


Hopefully soon, I will some video tutorials up, even if they are a quick minute or two.


Hope you like it!!

Until next time,

xo Myschel

#LOTD: Sunday Glitter

Hey everyone! So I’ve decided that I am going to start posting random look of the days that I think are absolutely fantastic. And that I actually got some good pics of lol!

So for today I chose a fun glitter look because I finally got some glitter glue (thanks Too Faced!!) and because I attended an awesome master class by Make Up For Ever teaching us all about the textured eye!



  • Marc Jacobs genius gel foundation (84 cocoa medium)
  • Tarte Cosmetics Amazonian Clay foundation (Deep Honey)
  • Kevyn Aucoin sensual skin enhance (SX14)
  • NARS blush (Goulue)
  • Diorskin shimmer brick


  • NARS velvet shadow stick in ‘sukhothai’
  • Sugarpill shadow in ‘poison plum’
  • Urban Decay shadow in ‘gravity’
  • Kat Von D shadows in ‘succubus’ + ‘shax’ + ‘Ludwig’
  • Wet n Wild mega sparkle confetti in ‘Lilac Frosting’
  • Red Cherry Lashes in ‘1’
  • Sephora collection kohl liner in ‘intense black’


  • Make Up For Ever pro sculpting brow in ’30’
  • Dior brow pencil in ‘brown’


  • Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick in ‘Lolita’
  • Lancôme juicy shaker in ‘berry in love’



Hope you enjoy this look and if you like for me to try other looks let me know the im the comments below!!

Some pics were taken with my iPhone 6S and Canon rebel SL1


Until next time!!

xo Myschel

Latest trend: Color Correcting

Hello! Hello!

Everyone I am back with another post and this time I want to talk about color correcting.

Color correcting can be so beneficial in making sure acne scars, dark circles, hyper pigmentation, dullness, redness, sallowness, and any other issues you may have with your skin stay hidden under your makeup. Color correcting is very easy, all you need is a color wheel or at least knowledge of the color spectrum.

(Image is from Color Wheel Co.)

The color wheel above is the most used color wheel in the industry because it provides all the colors (primary, secondary, and tertiary colors). The back of the wheel also provides different shading of the colors, especially when adding black or white to the color.

Color correcting color guide:

To color correct look at the area that needs correcting and use the color opposite of it.


  • If your face is red or has redness use green to cancel the redness.
  • If your face has a dull or looks yellow use lavender to cancel the yellowness or use pink to create brighten your face.
  • If your face has a purplish tint or just look really sallow use a yellow corrector to cancel it out. This is good for bruises that may be on the face.
  • Now depending on your skin tone various shades of orange (peach to salmon to coral to burnt orange) can cover up hyper pigmentation and dark circles. Typically myself I use orange or a lighter version of it to cancel out my under eye circles.
  • In some cases, deeper skin tones (think supermodel Alek Wek) may use a red corrector to cancel out any discoloration in the skin. (I tried this and it was too intense and totally changed the color of the concealer I put on top of it.
  • Make sure you match the intensity of the skin issue to the color of the corrector. This is very important
    • i.e. if your dark under eye circles aren’t super dark, don’t use a deep orange, it will stand out under your makeup. Instead go for a softer orange like peach or salmon that will hid the dark circles more easily without showing under your makeup. 
    • Basically, the deeper the skin discoloration the deeper the color correcting concentration should be and the lighter the skin discoloration, the lighter the color correcting concentration should be.

Applying the color corrector:

  1. Apply with a synthetic bristle brush with patting motions and blend around the edges. Make sure to pat and not blend the actually product because it may move out of place.
  2. This step is optional but it helps for me, after applying the corrector apply a then layer of colorless setting powder to further ensure the corrector won’t move.
  3. Apply your concealer or foundation the same way. Pat don’t blend unless it’s around the edges.
  4. Then you’re all set. The color should be neutralized and look like the rest of your skin.

There are tons of color correcting options out there, from palettes to individual tubes and pots. Here are some top sellers.

Sephora + Pantone Universe Correct + Conceal palette available at Sephora for $49.00 (USD). I personally own this palette and I love it. The product is creamy, easy to blend and completely customizable to suit your needs. It can crease on you if not set right away, otherwise the product holds up really well.

(image from Sephora.com)

Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette available at Sephora and Make Up For Ever for $40.00 (USD). This palette comes in 5 color options. For Very Light, Very Light to Light, Light, Dark, and Professional corrective shades. Make Up For Ever also have the Step 1 Skin Equalizer primers that are tinted (green, blue, peach, caramel, yellow, and pink) to help clear up imperfections all over the face. You can check them out on Make Up For Ever website and also on Sephora (in store and online) for $37.00 (USD).

(images from Make Up For Ever)

L.A. Girl Pro HD Concealer perfect for spot correcting. Available at L.A. Girl USA Cosmetics, iKatehouse, Walgreens and even your local beauty supply shop. The price of these items may vary depending on where you purchase them from. I bought mine at iKatehouse for an amazing $2.49 (compared to $5.o0 through L.A. Girl USA Cosmetics). That being said, these correctors (concealers too!) are super pigmented. A little goes a long way and they are easy to apply thanks to the brush applicator attached.


LA girl pro conceal

Green, Yellow, and Orange correctors

(Image found on Google)

Lastly, from a skincare perspective (though categorized as makeup), Algenist REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops. Available at Sephora (in store and online) for $38.00 (USD) and from Algenist. According to Algenist website, the drops are meant to correct immediately and cover in 10 days. Meaning theses drops are here to help turn your skin around and permanently correct the issues. Here is an excerpt from Sephora.com about these drops:

What it is formulated to do:
This weightless color drop serum combines microalgae, alguronic acid, and microalgae oil to instantly color correct, treat skin, and cover imperfections. Use alone or add into makeup or skin care products to help balance skin’s texture and tone for smoother, more even, and longer-lasting makeup wear. 

Green Color Correcting Drops: green microalgae and pigments work in synergy to color correct and neutralize redness. 

Apricot Color Correcting Drops: golden microalgae and pigments work in synergy to color correct and neutralize dark, discolored skin. 

Blue Color Correcting Drops: blue microalgae and pigments work in synergy to color correct and neutralize sallow skin. 

Pink Color Correcting Drops: red microalgae and pigments work in synergy to color correct and neutralize dull-looking skin. 

I received a discovery box that contained a mini travel size bottle of each color and truthfully, using the apricot color alone didn’t really correct too much so I just use it in my moisturizer to even the skin tone out. I didn’t use the pink or the blue and I gave the green to my co-worker who absolutely loves this stuff.

algenist color drops

(image from Sephora Glossy)

Pretty much every brand has hopped on the color correcting game and is now offering them with their usual line up of products. Other brands I would check out would be:

  • Urban Decay
  • Becca Cosmetics
  • Black Up Cosmetics
  • Amazing Cosmetics
  • Cover FX (the cliks are an awesome option because you can create your own custom color correcting stick)
  • NYX cosmetics

And that’s it!

Do you color correct? Do you like it? Do you have a favorite color correcting product? If so let me know in the comments below!!

Until next time my beauties!

xo Myschel