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Lipstick Tuesday: Dior Lip Gloss

Hey, hey, hey!!! Back with another lip review but this time it’s another gloss. Typically I don’t wear to many lip glosses but I actually happen to like this one. I got this particular lip gloss in gratis from Sephora because our store got rid of them but they are still available online.

Dior Rouge Brillant Lipgloss

I got the color 999 (classic Dior red). It has a high shine finish and looks great with an everyday look or even a night on the town.

The gloss isn’t sticky at all and doesn’t make my hair stick to my lips like some of my other lipglosses might do. This gloss closely resembles a liquid lip balm (according to Dior). It has a pen like applicator to disperse the close with precision and ease.

The Dior Rouge Brillant Lipgloss retails for $35 (USD) at Sephora.

Overall I love this gloss and I would order in online in other colors.


Until next time,

xo Myschel

Lipstick Tuesday: Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss

Hey everyone you know what day it is!!

Lipstick Tuesday

But instead of a lipstick today, I have a lip gloss (ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) going out the box here and as you can see it’s by the most beloved brand Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Who doesn’t love her brow products? I’ve had my dipbrow for over a year now and I’m still not done. That’s the best bang for my buck to date.

The lip glosses have been around for some time now but I’m always hesitant about buying gloss online so I waited until it hit our store and boy was I impressed.

Available at Sephora (online and in-store); Macy’s ย (online and in-store (as long as it is an impulse store)) Ulta (online and in-store) and Anastasia Beverly Hills website. The lip gloss retails at $16.00 (USD)

The shade I purchased was ‘Vintage’




My thoughts: I like it. Not too sticky or too slick. Smells awesome, just like vanilla. The pigment is payoff is really great. It is a pretty pink but not necessarily a pink color I would wear alone so I’d pair this with a brown lip liner to really create a nude lip. It honestly reminds me of lipstick in gloss form. I would totally buy more in the future.

Quick note: I was choosing between Sepia, Tara, and Vintage. I chose Vintage because the others were actuallyย too brown for my skin tone. Like it actually blended in with my lips. I know it’s not a bad thing but I would wear clear gloss if I wanted my lips to look the same lol.

Do you have the lip gloss? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below!!
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xo Myschel