Life Updates!!

Hey everyone!!

I just want to say thank you for following my blog, whether it’s because you like the Lipstick Tuesday posts, Morphe brush club of the month posts or just anything that I post in general, Thank you!!

Now for the updates:

  • I just got back from Denver like end of June and I have just been catching up on life and work stuff.
  • Found out my son has an allergy to bug bites, like I’m talking about skin gets swollen, red, and inflammed. My poor baby.
  • Just trying to get back into swing of things.
  • I do have 2 new lipsticks and a lip gloss to post about in which I will get into tomorrow afternoon.

Final update is I have been working on my cosmetics line! About two years ago, I purchased a ton (like 133 pigments and micas) to create custom shadows, highlighters, and blushes. Well long story short, I got discouraged with all of the other indie companies out there and just put it to the side. But recently, I don’t know why either, I decided to find the box and get back to creating shadows. So far I have developed 11 shadows to go into 5 palettes and 10 single shadows to be sold.

My goal is to have everything manufactured, up and running by the end of the year since financial assistance and a name (lol) is still needed.

Once everything has gone back to normal lifewise, I will go back to posting weekly updates.

If there is anything at all you guys wanna know or would like for me to talk about, let me know in the comments below!!



Thanks for all the love and support, you all rock!!

Until next time,

xo Myschel



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