Lipstick Tuesday: OCC Lip Tar

Hey, Hey, Hey!!

I am back with another lipstick tuesday lipstick swatch and today swatching a lipstick from one of my favorite lipstick brands Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) in the color ‘clockwork’

Currently NOT available at this time! OCC started switching all of their products from squeeze tubes to tubes with wand (doe foot wand). They have been slowly adding back the original colors but this has not made the cut yet. Not sure if it ever come back but check out OCC website and their IG for swatches of other colors along with their color pencils.

The reason why I bought this lip tar was purely based on this photo

photo screen shotted from occ IG account (@occmakeup)

Like seriously!! Kim Nicky looks amazing, those oranges and corals, ugh to die for.

So literally that night, I went and ordered the same products she used on her lips to recreate this look (it was months ago, probably last  year so I can’t find the original, original look I did)

Bare lips
lipstick alone
with colour pencil in ‘sybil”
product image

Not quite as orange as it looks on Kim Nicky but I love the results just the same. The lipstick does dry to a matte finish but it takes hours to actually dry to the matte finish. It doesn’t bother me though, I love the finish as it comes straight out the tube.

If you know anything about OCC lip tars, on drop is enough to cover your lips. Also it is important to use it often, it is a vegan makeup brand made with all sorts of all natural ingredients, that said the peppermint oil in it will separate from the other ingredients, so it needs to be shaken often if it is not used everyday.

Do you have any lip tars from OCC? Do you like them? Let me know in the comments below!!

Until next time loves!!

xo Myschel



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