Lipstick Tuesday: Burberry Lip Velvet

Welcome back!

Today I am going to change up how I present the lipstick swatches. I am going to show a before (bare lips), picture with the lipstick, and a photo of how  I would typically wear the lipstick. Sometimes when I swatch something for you guys, that is not how I usually where it out the house. So now that is out of the way today I am present…

Burberry Lip Velvet lipstick in Nude Aprioct (No. 401)

I love, love this lipstick!

  • It has a soft matte finish that doesn’t dry out the lips at all. The packaging is cute.
  • Presented in a dark grey, matte square case with a magnetic closing. This ensures that the top isn’t going to come off if it is tossing around in your makeup bage.
  • Color goes on pretty pigmently with one stroke.
  • Paired with the right lip liner, this color is really women of color friendly.

This lipstick is available at Sephora (select stores and online) retails for $34.00 (USD)

Do you have any of the Burberry lipsticks? Do you love them? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time

xo Myschel


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