Skin Care Favorites: Masks and Scrubs

Welcome back everyone! Today I am going to continue to discuss my skin care favorites mentioned here.

Masks and scrubs are a great way to exfoliate the skin and to allow deep the product to really draw up all impurities that typically aren’t reach by cleansers on a daily basis. Now typically, I use scrubs about twice a week and I use a mask about once a week. It honestly depends on the condition of my skin for the day.

A good mask can really help detoxify the skin and draw up and excess gunk that may have built up in the pores.

A good scrub can slosh away all the excess dead skin and reveal new, fresh, baby soft skin.

None of the scrubs/masks mentioned here remove makeup. You must have a freshly cleansed or makeup free face to use these products. So they would be excellent for mornings before applying makeup or a sunday afternoon skin detox session (something I personally do).

These are my absolute favorite masks and cleansers.


First up is Ole Henriksen | Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask (Available at Sephora in-store and online) for $42.00 (USD)

  • This mask contains Raw sugar and pomegranate seeds to polish and exfoliate the skin | Honey to nourish and hydrate | Rose hips to brighten and rejuvenate with vitamins A and C and omegas 3 and 6
  • Award winning!!! SELF Beauty Award winner for Best Brightening Scrub (2016)
  • Smells amazing (do not eat though, it may have raw sugar and honey but it’s bitter as hell).
  • I personally only use this twice a month or so. Because my face is sensitive to rose hips, I can’t use it three to four times a week as recommended. But it does leave my skin feeling super smooth and soft after using it.

Next up is LUSH Ocean Salt Face and Body scrub (Available at LUSH in-store and online) for $21.95 (4.2 oz) and $36.95 (8.8 oz)

  • The mix of Sea salt to scrub away dirt and dead skin | coconut and avocado to hydrate the skin | lime and vodka to clean out blocked pores, blackheads and blemishes.
  • This scrub DOES NOT remove makeup. You have to have a makeup free or freshly cleansed face to use this product.
  • The scrub can create a slight burning, tingle sensation depending on how sensitive your face after you have initially cleansed your face with a liquid cleanser. This not product is NOT good for sensitive skin. Best for oily and dull skin. Dry skin people should use this sparingly (like once a month).
  • Smells like a margarita. The salt, vodka, and lime are very predominate scents in the product.

Next is Peter Thomas Roth | Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (available at Sephora in-store and online) for $58.00 (USD)

  • This is a three-in-one treatment that used pumpkin enzyme to exfoliate the skin | alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) as a gentle peel for the skin | aluminum oxide crystals to polish the skin.
  • After the first use I noticed brighter, smoother skin.
  • It smells like pumpkin pie (so serious though)
  • From a few reviews, I heard that it can go bad a few 6 months or so due to the pumpkin enzyme.
  • Good for those with normal to oily skin. sensitive skin users might not like the tingle sensation from the AHAs though so I would recommend getting a sample first before splurging on the full size product.

Lastly is Tatcha | Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder (Available at Sephora in-store and online) for $15.00 (.35 oz) and $65.00 (2.1 oz)

  • Perfect for normal to combination skin types. Can be used as a daily exfoliation scrub. The product itself are tiny grains that you mix with water to produce a paste/creamy foam.
  • Helps reduce pore size, even out the skin tone, and even out the texture of the skin .
  • This enzyme powder can be used in conjunction with Pure One step camellia cleansing oil.
  • Formulated with Japanese rice bran blended with papaya extract to reduce the look of fines and addresses the issue of uneven skintone, hyperpigmentation, and break outs | Peal protein extract to condition and balance the skin while natural exfoliants polish away dull, dry skin.
  • Smells like rice. Just straight up rice.


There you have it, my favorite masks and scrubs with a few important facts about each of them.

Have you tried any of these? Which scrub or mask is your personal favorite? Let ,me know in the comments below!


Until next time

xo Myschel


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