Lipstick Tuesday: Kat Von D Beauty Studded Kiss lipstick

Welcome back to another lipstick Tuesday post! Today I bring you one of my favorite lipstick:

Kat Von D Beauty Studded Kiss Lipstick in ‘Chula’

This lipstick came out during her last round of lipstick updates (along with ‘magick’, ‘piaf’, ‘solo’, ‘halo’, ‘planet 9’, ‘nayeon’ and a few others I cannot recall).

The color is matte, long lasting and the color is described to be rich, warm sienna red (which I would agree with). The color is a deep rustic, red color with a slight orange undertone. Not bright at all like ‘Outlaw’ or ‘Hexagram’. But the color payoff is amazing, one swipe is typically all I need to get full coverage.

Can be purchased at Sephora (in-store and online) and Kat Von D Beauty here.


I look exhausted in these photos!! But here it is in all its glory. I love this color, sometimes I pair with a brown lip liner to give it a reddish brown color.

Would I buy more? Hell yeah!! I have like 4 or 5 other shades and always seem to randomly buy a new one every few months or so.

Do you have any studded kiss lipsticks? Do you like them? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!!

xo Myschel


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