Skincare favorites!! (1 of 7)

Hey everyone! I am back to discuss a very important topic:



Yup, that’s me. No makeup just my Tatcha eye cream + Jurlique day cream with the Algenist color correcting drops

If you think the key to a flawless foundation application is a good primer, then you are half way correct. In order to ensure you foundation goes on and stays on flawlessly (even if you forget a primer because some days I actually do!) your skin must be in a prime condition.

This is the first part of the seven part series in regards to skin care. The next post will be about cleaners, then masks/scrubs, serums, moisturizers, beauty oils, and eye creams.

If you devote yourself to wearing makeup, namely foundation/concealer, on a daily basis, then you need to develop a proper skin care regime. There are a few things that count as a good skincare regime. They include:

  • Drinking lots of water (at least a half gallon a day, especially if you have dry, cracked lips, increasing your water intake will help keep them naturally moisturized).
  • Eating whole foods (avoiding tons of bad for you fats).
  • Washing your pillow cases often (your pillowcase can be the cause of some of your breakouts).
  • Cleaning your brushes on a weekly basis (simple mix of baby shampoo and warm water will help get them clean. There are soaps and cleansers dedicated to brushes though).
  • Properly cleansing your face every night. Even if it is just using a makeup cleansing cloth, take it off before you go to bed.
  • Keeping your hands out of your face in general (unless they are clean of course).
  • Wear sunscreen!!! If you’re outside a lot or exposing your face to tons for sunlight in general, wear a high powdered SPF. Some foundations and moisturizers have SPF infused which is awesome but it can cause some flashback (mainly due to the ingredient is zinc oxide) so be careful. Sunscreen should be reapplied every few hours if possible. If you’re wearing foundation, you can choose an SPF spray specially made for the face.

If you do all that, then hey you should have some pretty nice skin then (besides hormonal changes and such. Can’t fight nature sadly). But lets be honest, we are human and sometimes we try but don’t necessarily do all of that stuff listed. This is where a trust combination of products can help you achieve healthy, balanced skin.



There are my top favorite cleansers and cleansing tool (Sorry they are dirty. They are well used :))

  • GlamGlow | Supercleanse Daily Treatment cleanser
  • Lancôme | Énergie De Vie The Cleansing oil
  • Algenist | Purifying & Replenishing cleanser
  • Tatcha | Pure one step camellia cleansing oil
  • Foreo | Luna mini

Masks and Scrubs


These are my top masks and scrubs used on a daily to weekly basis:

  • Ole Henrisken | Truth Sugar Glow polishing mask
  • LUSH | Ocean salt
  • Peter Thomas Roth | Pumpkin Enzyme Mask
  • Tatcha | Polished classic rice enzyme power



  • Ole Henriksen | Pure Truth youth activating oil
  • Ole Henriksen | Truth Serum Collagen booster
  • Sunday Riley | Good Genes treatment
  • Tatcha | Overnight recovery serum concentrate
  • Ole Henriksen | Invigorating night gel (when I have break outs)

Beauty OilsIMG_2046

  • Sunday Riley | Luna Sleeping Night Oil
  • Tatcha | Gold Camellia beauty oil




  • Lancôme | Énergie de vie The light lotion-in-oil
  • Sunday Riley | Tidal brightening enzyme water cream
  • Ole Henriksen | Sheer Transformation
  • Tatcha | Supple moisture rich silk cream
  • Jurlique | moisture replenishing day cream
  • Algenist | Reveal concentrated color correcting drops (a few drops mixed in with my moisturizer)

Eye Cream


Truth be told, I have a few different eye creams but this is the one I like the best. I do have a second favorite but I lost it -_- but it is by Pur-Elise 4-in-1 lotus eye cream (I believe)

  • Tatcha | Luminous deep hydrating firming eye serum
  • Algenist | Reveal concentrated color correcting drops (mixed in the eye serum)


Stay tuned for separate follow up posts in which I go in to greater detail as to why I love these products and how they have transformed my face.


Until next time!

xo Myschel


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