Morphe Me Monthly Brush Club: April brushes

Well hello everyone! I am back with another post and this time I am talking about a new monthly subscription I recently signed up for.

Last week at work my co-worker was discussing the brushes she received from the Morphe Me Monthly Brush club subscription. I pretty much asked her if it is worth the $19.99 a month. Her answer summed up to be a huge yes!

Morphe Brushes teamed up with LiveGlam to offer subscribers to receive a set of brushes valued at least $30 (USD) for basically $19.99 (USD) a month. When I did the math, it equals out to be one Sephora Pro face brush or 2, maybe 3 Sephora Pro eye brushes. Needless to say this is good deal. (NOTE: I have brushes from other companies also, but I have a lot more Sephora ones because well I work there and the discount on them is pretty nice and sometimes Sephora gives us brushes in our gratis. So I am in no way hating on Sephora Pro brushes, I will buy them AND buy Morphe brushes but if someone were to ask me where can they get quality affordable brushes, I will recommend Morphe in a heartbeat.)

I own a few of Morphe elite collection brushes (they are amazing!! They are also limited edition so once they sell out, it is out! I will do a post on this later). Super soft and best of all super affordable! A face brush will cost you about $22.99 (and that is for the elite collection) at the most! Where the eye brushes will cost about $10 or less (depending on which collection you are shopping from). Seriously best priced brushes I have seen in a while. Very comparable to Sephora Pro and they come in any brush style and size you can think of! They even carry vegan brushes.

Any who, the next morning I decided to go ahead and subscribe. After cancelling my ipsy subscription (not enough options to keep me interested anymore) I signed up for this. They typically ship brushes out within 24-48 hours after the order has processed. (They have a countdown clock to let you know how many hours you have left to subscribed before the orders are shipped out. BTW, I ordered early Friday morning and Monday afternoon, they were in my mailbox). So they have continuous shipping going on. Here are some things to note:

  • New brushes start on the 23rd of each month.
    • So if you order between March 23rd to April 22nd, you will received April brushes, sign up after April 23rd, then you get May’s brushes.
  • Subscription can be cancelled at anytime and there are NO refunds or exchanges.
  • They do have an annual pass for $239.99 and includes a ton of goodies including the highly sought after 35O palette.
  • And free shipping in the United States and Canada.
  • Once you are signed up you get access to special offers such as $$$ off certification programs with certain pro makeup artists.
  • Exclusive first access to new Morphe products.
  • And discount on sponsored brands.
  • They also have bonus videos and how to videos on how to use the brushes to create a look.

All in all for $20 I was completely sold.

So if you are interested you can sign up for the MorpheMe Monthly brush club here.

So, on to April brushes: This month set is all about eye blending. It included 5 brushes as shown below

  • M508 – smudger: bristle type: Sable | bristles length: 1/8″
  • M330 – blending crease | bristle type: Sable | bristles length: 3/4″
  • M505 – tapered blending | bristle type: Sable | bristles length: 3/4″
  • M504 – large pointed blender | bristle type: Sable | bristles length: 7/8″
  • M510 – pro round blender | bristle type: goat | bristles length: 1 1/8″ (MUAs such as MannyMua, Patrick Starr, Jeffree Star, and others have been using this as a highlight brush instead of a blending brush and honestly it makes soo much sense, those bristles are huge!)


Sorry for the lighting, up close pics are coming up.







IMG_2009 (1)




I haven’t had a chance to use these yet. I wanted to get pictures of them clean before I used them lol.

So if you are interested you can sign up for the MorpheMe Monthly brush club here.

So are you subscribed to MorpheMe monthly brush club? Do you like it? Do you believe you are getting a good amount of brushes for the $20 price tag? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!!

xo Myschel


9 thoughts on “Morphe Me Monthly Brush Club: April brushes

  1. Great post! Ive been looking at whether to sign up or not recently. The only issue is that I live in Australia, and I would have to pay extra for postage. Do you think that what you get would be worth the money? 🙂 xo

    1. Honestly I think it’s a good deal. Even if you don’t use the brushes for personal use, it’s a great way to build up your kit. And since their brushes are super affordable, you get at least 3-5 brushes depending on the special for the month.

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