Lipstick Tuesday: Anna Sui Lipstick V

Hello everyone!

It’s lipstick Tuesday and I am back with another review. Today I want to showcase a new brand to my makeup collection Anna Sui. Now I’ve heard of her products but never actually had any interest in trying simply because I didn’t think her products would work for my skin tone.

I was slightly wrong, here me out. After filling my basket up at Beautylish with my repurchaes, I decided to try on a new brand for size. The brand I chose was Anna Sui. Her products are absolutely adorable. They have this whole vintage vibe to them that makes me want to be a collector of her items rather than actually use them.

So after looking through her products, I decided on the Lipstick V, the color chosen was 700 Daffodil Beige. Isn’t the packaging so cute! The shooting star lipstick bullet totally sold me.


What I thought was a light peach like color actually looked like this on me:

(Photos were taken outside with the iPhone 6S back cam, no flash, natural light.)

Here is what it looked like swatched on the model from Beautylish (available for $30.00 USD and come in 5 additional shades).

Honestly, it is not something I would ever wear solo because yeah, that is way to light for my liking but paired with a nice brown lip liner, the lipstick is more wearable. It is creamy and hydrates to lips pretty nicely, also the color payoff isn’t to bad either.

FYI the lipstick smells like roses. Kid you not. It has a faint rose smell to it.

Would I purchase more lipsticks from Anna Sui? Only if I could find it in store to swatch on myself to make sure the color is true to the pictures. Otherwise no, I wouldn’t purchase it. But I would consider purchasing some of her other items.

Have you tried her lipsticks before? Do you like them? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

xo Myschel


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