Best Everyday Eye Palette ever!!


I am back with another post and this time I would like to talk about my favorite everyday eye palette. Now I love bright color just as much as the next person but some days you just want to look as effortless as possible.

That’s where a neutral eye palette come in handy and the best one ever to be made (in my opinion of course!) is the:

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

There is a shade + light eye brush that can be purchased separately ($29 at Sephora). The brush is double ended. The dome side helps apply shadows to the contour of the eye (inner corner, crease, or even all over the lid), where as at the pointed end is to add shadows to defined areas of the eye (upper and lower lash line). The brush is made of ultra soft synthetic bristles, that have a white tip that fades into black.

Yes the case is shaped like a coffin, true Kat Von D style.

Kat Von D Beauty Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette with matching brush

Look how beautiful it is!!!IMG_0925

The palette is essentially divided into three separate quads that contains a base shade, contour shade, define shade, and highlight shade. You can use the quads as one of separately among each other.

Best thing about this palette is that all the color are matte! Yes, matte, no shimmer nor shine will be found in this palette. Perfect if you’re looking to perfect your no ‘makeup’ makeup look.

The one thing that I love about the shadows is that they are very finely milled, I mean finely milled, with that said, you have to be careful not to drop the palette too often because the shadows will break on you.

The first quad is the “cool” quad

  • Laetus (creamy nude) – base shade
  • Samael (dusty fawn) – contour shade
  • Solas (espresso brown) – definer shade
  • Lucius (soft beige) – highlight shade
Cool Quad taken with iPhone 6S with flash, indoor light
Cool Quad taken with iPhone 6S no flash, indoor light

The second quad is the “neutral” quad

  • Lazarus (cool taupe) – base shade
  • Saleos (smokey brown) – contour shade (NOTE: I’ve had this palette, literally since it came out last year and a few months ago my son dropped my palette and ‘Saleos’ popped out and broke :(, the only thing left is an empty pan)
  • Shax (jet black) – definer shade
  • Liberatus (pinkish ivory) – highlight shade
Neutral Quad, taken with iPhone 6S, indoor light, with flash
Neutral Quad, taken with iPhone 6S, indoor light, no flash

The third quad is the “warm” quad

  • Ludwig (peachy bronze) – base shade
  • Succubus (rich rust) – contour shade
  • Sytry (chocolate brown) – definer shade
  • Latinus (golden bisque) – highlight shade
Warm Quad, taken with iPhone 6S, indoor light, with flash
Warm Quad, taken with iPhone 6S, indoor light, without flash


Assembling the quads into tones, helps the artist understand which shadows would be awesome for someone with that undertone. Personally I always use the warm quad the most, especially the shade ‘Succubus’ because of the richness of color it gives to my eyelids.

Here is a look I did with the warm quad and a bit of ‘Shax’ (because I love deep black and to smoke out the liner a bit).

Taken with iPhone 6S no flash, natural light, back camera
Taken with iPhone 6S no flash, natural light, back camera


Look details:

Kat Von D Beauty lock it foundation (D72 + 74) | Lock it concealer (Deep 38) | Tattoo liner (trooper) | Everlasting liquid lipstick (double dare) | autograph pencil liner (immortal love)

Benefit Cosmetics roller lash + they’re real mascara

Sephora Collection colorful blush in ‘flirt it up’ + ‘hot flush’

Sephora + Pantone Universe correct + conceal palette (medium-deep tone; I will discuss color correcting in another post)

NARS radiant creamy concealer (caramel) | bronzer (casino) (all over face powder)

Anastasia Beverly Hills  brow definer (ebony)

Guerlain terra cotta bronzer (8 ebony) (for contouring)

OCC Makeup color pencil (sybil – used as lip liner)


The palette can be found on Sephora (online and in store) and Kat Von D Beauty


Until next time my dears!!

xoxo Myschel



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