Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick 

Hi everyone! How’s it going on this glorious day/evening/night? Great I hope!

Today I am bringing you my love for liquid lipsticks, specifically the ones from Kat Von D.

The formula can be a bit drying but if you exfoliate your lips and moisturize a bit while applying your face and eye products, then the application will go on smooth and won’t feel as drying.

The colors are really pigmented and typically need only one layer. Except for Echo, for me, this color actually took 3 or 4 layers in order to bring out the true navy blue color it is. They say that it is recommend that if you do layer the colors, to wait until the first one dries then apply another one if necessary.

Kat has tons of colors to choose from! Reds, oranges, blues, berrys, pinks, nudes, and black.

The following pictures is of my collection so far, I will get more, I always do.
From left to right:

With flash
Without flash
  • Nosferatu – blood crimson
  • Outlaw – brick red
  • Santa Sangre – poison apple (red orange in my opinion)
  • Lolita – chestnut rose
  • Double Dare – cocoa blush
  • Lolita II – terra cotta nude
  • Exorcism – ripe blackberry
  • Vampira – deep reddish burgundy
  • Damned – black cherry
  • Echo – satin navy blue
  • Bauhau5 (Mau5) – deep raspberry
  • Adora* (no longer available)
  • Lolita*
  • Berlin* – warm rose
  • Outlaw*

*these are the old formula and packaging that was released a couple of years back.

*description obtained from Sephora

Here are the swatches 🙂

Essentially they are in reverse order from the product picture.

Top: Bauhau5, Echo, Damned, Vampira, Exorcism, Lolita II, Double Dare, Lolita, Santa Sangre, Outlaw, Nosferatu

Bottom: Adora, Lolita (original), Berlin, Outlaw

Without Flash
With Flash

Kat Von D Beauty everlasting liquid lipsticks can be on her website Kat Von D Beauty or Sephora, these lipsticks retail at $20, which is pretty affordable.

Stay tuned for more updates on other various new lipsticks that be received.

All photos are taken with a Canon EOS Rebel SL1


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